Like so many others, cancer is a very personal cause for me. June 5, 2017 I was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer. As you can imagine my whole life was disrupted. Once I regained my strength, I created Carolyn's Journey; a Foundation that gives me the chance to make a difference, motivate, and inspire by helping others first locally and eventually across the world.

  • ​To honor those touched by all types of cancer 

  • ​Raising funds for Health awareness

  • Host walks, events, and services

  • ​To lift the spirits for people dealing with cancer and other illnesses & to help make them feel special.


I believe that there will come a day where the pain caused by cancer is a thing of the past. Until then, I'll continue to motivate and inspire. To give hope to those facing difficulties and try to save lives from cancer. I hope you’ll consider joining Carolyn's Journey!



"A woman's fierceness is not measured by the number of words she speaks, but by the number of people she inspires along her journey."

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